Our Mission

Our site has the right tools and environment to find your son/daughter's soulmate.
We are a community oriented volunteer website and thus, we do not ask for money for our services.
Our website is secure, so you may trust that your privacy will not be breached.



Our Story

We are parents and we found that it is extremely difficult for our children to find their soulmates. It can be pretty awkward, talking to people, trying to find the right person with similar values. Plus, even if you do find "the one", there's no guarantee that the feeling is mutual. The process of finding someone has become so complex that people have given up the idea of marriage. Many people fear finding someone in person because of all the formalities and awkwardness. But, they don't like the idea of online dating either because of the cases where personal information is revealed. We wanted a solution to this problem, so we decided to make our own secure website to ensure the privacy of our users. We believe our website will help other Sri Lankan Tamil parents to find the right soulmate for their children.