Prapa Matrimonial offer total security from total strangers seeing your daughters precious picture in Google Image Search

Looks scary!
All it takes is a simple Google Image search; your daughter’s precious picture could be seen by total strangers.

You may think your favorite matrimonial service provider "Thaalee" or "Shaddi" etc.. login interceptor/privacy filter can protect your precious daughters photo from total strangers, that is not true. Read below:

In our site we offer you a feature to hide your whole profile from google search (stealing).
This way you make sure your daughters picture want be accessible to total strangers. Still not convincing!!

In google search type any of the Tamil matrimonial site say "thaalee" and click on images search.
You will be scared what google had cached (stored) in their system.
Your daughters photo that you provided to  your Tamil matrimonial site . Scary!!!

Our software developers have many years of experience in storing sensitive data!



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